Monday, July 25, 2011

A Heathen's Hope

I had been planning to write in this blog sooner, but have not had time nor reason.

Now I have one, and it is one I wish I did not have.

In the last few days, kith and kin were slain in the lands of my fathers. In Norway, death came swift and sudden. The reasons for it are garbled, mixed and shaped by the creature politic, used by one and all to strike their enemies. Lies, Truths, Misinformation, all is thrown about.

But people are dead. For them, the why doesn't matter. Men, women, children. They are dead because they were not prepared for the violence. They are dead because they believed something, and someone believed something else, and another believed something different from them. What those beliefs were, and why they happened, maybe will become clear. Maybe they won't.

I could grand stand. Use this to put for facts and theories. Speak of the dangers of the systems we live in, the people coming to change those systems, and the damage wrought by previous changes.

I don't want to. Not in this post.

It is said one must die in battle, fighting, to enter the halls of Odin and Freyja, to feast and fight til Ragnorok.

Those that died will not know those halls. Rather, they shall go to Helheim, to the Lady Hel. And in her green fields, and quiet hall, I pray they find not peace, but solace with their ancient kin. Because whatever their religion was in life, if they even had any, as selfish as it is, I wish them to rest with their kin, and learn the ways of our people, and know they are not alone anymore.

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