Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hope is one of those emotions that can't really be quantified. One cannot describe the feeling of hope, because like so many other feelings, it has to be felt.

As I write this, I have currently been engaging with various peoples about beliefs. They seek to fight off one totalitarian belief system, Islam, while claiming the best way to do this is by returning to a strong Christian belief system. One, that often times, seems rather totalitarian itself. I pointed this out, and got told to lay off the Christian bashing and that my magic minded viking ways were gone with no hopes of revival.

I could smile. I did, in fact. Because I think all those out there that call themselves Heathen, from the coasts of Cali to the edges of Eastern Europe, from Texas to Scandinavia, would disagree. We have the hope of revival, because we are that revival. So long as one person believes, the old ways live on and can come back.

So, my Heathen Kin, remember, should anyone ever tell you that our ways are gone without hope of ever coming back, remember this: If you believe, they are already here.

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