Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Provabilty in Reality.

There once was a mathematician, whose name escapes me, who came to the realization that for everything that could be proven true, there was something equally true that could not be proven. In other words, there are things out there that are True, but cannot be proven by any known means.

Religion is one of these things. Scientifically, we cannot prove the existence of Gods, spirits, or the supernatural. Yet, many people believe, or know, such things to truly exist. I cannot prove that Thor walks the sky making thunderstorms, but it is True to me.

What makes this situation even more difficult is that even when you can "prove" something, people will say it is not proven. This was one of my issues with the Wild Hunt "news" website. I would say something I knew to be true, because I read a lot on the subject. I would even provide links on occasion. However, my argument was not "Proven" because my sources were considered "invalid." Indeed, be anything resembling a Conservative (which I'm not, honestly) and every argument you make will be invalid there. I once saw someone make an argument there, provide a good half dozen plus links, and be told that their information was invalid because it came from Conservative sources (somehow the Huffington Post became conservative at the time of the linking).

One perfect example that came up over on the Wild Hunt regarding me was my blatant, but unfounded Islamophobia, which I had failed to prove rational. Now, There are dozens, maybe even hundreds of sites out there about Islam and its threat. I even provided links to some of the things I had read, but had them "invalidated" because of "racism." Now, I know racism. I've seen it. So I like to think I have a pretty good idea when something is racist. But such doesn't matter. My sources, despite their documenting literally thousand of bits of information, could not "prove" anything. Heck, the nightly news or mainstream media which talks about how in Islamic countries the vast homophobia, misogyny, religious discrimination, etc that goes on. And if you know how to read the media, you can tell in Western countries when a crime was committed by Islamic Immigrants. But of course nothing can be proven. Members of their religion, who the "mainstream" of Islam cheered and supported, flew planes into buildings, suicide bomb themselves, kill those we would consider innocent, but no. It cannot be proven true.

I'm not going to get into the politics again. I can't "prove" these things to people. In this age of "citations" being an eye witness isn't enough, nor is being well read or informed. And even then, having the "citations" if the other person doesn't accept their legitimacy.

People have let their politics dictate their proof and their truths. They have let "science" and "rationality" dictate what they will believe. They insist things be proven true, but they ignore the existence of truths that cannot be proven. I have my own issues with what is true, and if it can even exists, and this is one of the reasons.

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