Monday, December 19, 2011

First Day of Yule, 2011

So today is the first day of Yule, and in fact I believe the first one I shall celebrate, if alas without all the pomp and circumstance. There are so many little traditions, I probably won't get to them this year, but I will hopefully manage a few.

One thing I am doing is trying to rig up a Yule Log. Sadly, I can't really burn anything, so I will be trying to find a log of some sort, and be placing candles upon it, one for each night. Hopefully I can get it set up before my idols of Hel (which I need to finish modifying, but more on that later), Thor, and Freyja. Also, hopefully with my limited budget I will be able to at least make some offerings to them as well, probably with the mead I have, or some wine.

One tradition I would love to have is the Yule Goat. Sadly, I don't have any, nor do I have access to a Scandinavian shop (there used to be one not far, but alas it has been closed since my early teens. I regret it's loss not more than ever). But perhaps I can get one or two next year.

So, in closing for this first day of yule, I give you all this: A raven in a Yule tree.

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