Thursday, December 22, 2011

Forth Day of Yul, 2011

So today is the fourth day of Yule. Unlike McNallen over at Asatru Update, I'm not celebrating any values or anything. Last night was simple. Light the candle and the electrics, place a offering of Krispy Kream donuts, and that was about it.

Yule is about the solstice, but it is also about family. Sadly, my family isn't Heathen like me, and they've all got their own lives, have no interest, don't know me, or in at least once case, are actively mad at me (even if they would deny it). So I'm just one more solitary Heathen with no budget. I don't know if any others actually are reading these as I post, or if they will come across it in the years, to come, but I hope that I am able to offer some measure of comfort and kinship on these days of Yule. We might be alone in person, but we are not alone in spirit.

Here's the pic of the Yule log from last night:

I took some model paint I have for DnD minis and painted Yule in Runes. At some point, I'll probably take some sand paper to the log, and either a knife or a wood burning tool and decorate it. With any luck, I may have this Yule log for many years, and I want to make it special.

And here's the present:

Four Runes Inscribing,
Three Days of Kinship,
Two Goats of Thor,
And a Raven in a Yew Tree.

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