Friday, December 16, 2011

A Wild Hunt

I just watched a movie called "The Wild Hunt" on netflix, a little indie film that takes place largely during a LARP festival, or Live Action Role Playing. I recommend it to people, especually Pagans and Heathens.

It's different from your normal film, but through its sometimes goofy, sometimes dark story, there is a strong Pagan theme through it, especially in the main character's brother, Bjorn Magnuson, who seems to have blurred the lines between his persona's being a devote of Thor, and let it run into his own life. And while his grip on sanity may be questionable, it remains a strong part of him throughout the film, and the Thunderer does seem to acknowledge Bjorn. Indeed, Bjorn has a hammer Mjolnir, which plays a key role in the film, both as something upon which oaths are taken, and which brings about a resolution to the film as well. Of course the main focal points being the Wild Hunt itself, brought about by a ritual that in the end perhaps summoned the real Hunt, and not just a pretend one. Reborn of death, unleashing the beasts within, riding upon waves up despair until the frenzy erupts, taking all by surprise.

Anyways, go see for yourself, if you can. It is well worth it.

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