Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tenth Day of Yule, 2011

Ten days have we celebrated the Gods and Kin. Ten days have we watched the sky darken and felt Winter's cold embrace (though not, perhaps as cold as some years). Ten days has it been since the start of Yule.

Which means just two days left. But do not feel sorry, for the cycle of life keeps going.

Yule is about family, but that's not as easy as it used to be. People these days are constantly busy, constantly working, or these days not working at all with no money. We have spread ourselves out all over the country, or even countries plural. We no longer live all in the same house, or same neighborhood, or city, or state. In some cases, and this is common for a lot of us, we've lost our families because of our religious choices, or we still have them, but we have to hide what we are or not make a big deal about it.

But on this tenth day of Yule, let us think of our families, both divine and mortal, be it by blood, by faith, or by choice.

Here is last night's pic:

As you can see, lots of candles on there now. Hopefully I can get all twelve to fit on there in the end.

And here are the gifts:
Ten Vikings Pillaging,
Nine Worlds of Lore,
Eight Maidens dancing,
Seven Alfs a leaping,
Six Horns of Mead,
Five Golden Rings! (Oh come on!)
Four Runes Inscribing,
Three Days of Kinship,
Two Goats of Thor,
And a Raven in a Yew Tree.

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